Affirmations and Denials

We affirm that the Holy Bible is God’s means of revealing truths pertinent to human belief and practice.

We deny counseling theories and practices not based upon the Bible.

We affirm that a true relationship with Jesus Christ results in a changed life. The biblical Christian walk is one of growing in godliness and spiritual maturity. Thus, the believer sets aside worldly ways for a new lifestyle in conformity to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We deny the existence of saving grace based upon "walking the aisle" and "praying the prayer" where no change has resulted in the confessor’s life.

We deny that true faith in Christ can exist without surrendering to His Lordship.

We affirm that Jesus is "…the way, the truth, the life and no man comes unto the Father except through" Him and that it is the responsibility of Christians to proclaim Christ to all men.

We deny that there are any other means by which men may be saved.

We deny that a Christian can ignore the command of sharing the Good News of Jesus with a lost and dying world.

We affirm the regular assembly of believers in Jesus Christ for the purpose of praising and worshipping God, for evangelism, teaching and edification of the saints.

We deny that Christians can be in obedience to God while forsaking the general and regular assembly of the local church.

We affirm the family worshipping together and receiving instruction together in the local Body of Christ.

We reject that children and youth need to be separated from their parents in order to receive adequate instruction from the Word of God.

We affirm the value of our children by ordering our services in such a manner that they can participate in worship and teaching with their parents.

We deny that the "sanctuary teaching time" is for adults only and that children are too distracting to have in the service.

We affirm that it takes significant energy and training to make family-oriented worship work!

We deny that it is too much of a burden to include and involve our children in worship. We believe it is worth the effort in order for our children to grow up experiencing "connectedness" to the church.

We affirm a specific ministry for women taught by the older women in the church with regard to the specific and related subjects mentioned in Titus 2:3-5.

We deny that women need a separate exegesis of the general Scriptures. We consider this contrary to God’s order in the church.

We affirm the need for all believers to be baptized, and practice Believer's Baptism.

We deny the practice of baptism, in any of its forms, has regenerative power in and of itself.

We affirm those who practice Infant Baptism as a declaration of the household's covenant with God and the expectation of their young ones' salvation as they are raised according to His statutes.

We deny Believer's Baptism and Infant Baptism are incompatible, and thus these differences will not keep us from walking together in brotherly love.

We affirm the gender roles as expressed in the Bible.

We deny that the hierarchy established by God diminishes the value of women. On the contrary, righteous men are to sacrificially love, protect, care and provide for women even unto the point of death.

We reject affirmation of and fellowship with any man who chooses to lead his family in tyrannical headship, setting aside the example of Christ and His love for the church.

We affirm the woman’s God-ordained right and privilege to be a keeper of her home trusting in godly men for her protection.

We deny there is any Biblical basis for women serving in any form of the protective services such as law enforcement or the military.

We affirm that the Bible declares parents to be the responsible and accountable parties for training their children in a godly understanding of the world in which they live.

We deny that the state or the church bears that right or responsibility.

We affirm that all educational systems are "religious" in that they are based upon and endorse particular world-views. We further affirm that a decidedly Christian education, be it home school or private Christian school, is the only appropriate means for parents to fulfill their responsibility of raising children with a godly understanding of their world.

We deny that government (also known as public) schools meet the criteria of being an appropriate means of education for Christian children. Government schools approach the training of children from a secular, humanistic worldview thus undermining the work and faith of Christian parents.


In addition, we hold full or substantial agreement with the following Affirmations and Denials:

Together for the Gospel

Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (pdf)

Confession from National Center for Family-Integrated Churches