Our Leadership


The Elders of White Stone Family Bible Church are both sheep and shepherds. In other words, they are covenanting members of the church as well as overseers of the same flock. This allows them to live both in and under authority. The responsibility of Elders include the following:

  • Oversee/manage the church not under compulsion, but willingly, according to the will of God. Provide oversight with eagerness, never for greed. Lead by example and do not "lord over" or intimidate. Set in order things that are lacking. Set church policy. (1 Peter 5:1-3; Titus 1:5)

  • Preach, teach and counsel from the Word of God. Hold fast to the Word of God in order to teach, reprove, rebuke and exhort with great patience and instruction. Teach against wrong doctrine and silence those who refute sound doctrine. (1 Timothy 1:3,4; 3:2; 4:10,11; 2 Timothy 4:2; Titus 1:5-13)

  • Shepherd the flock. Express loving care through visiting the sick, helping those in need, providing guidance and building relationships. Pray for all men, especially the sick. (1 Peter 5:1-3; Acts 20:28; John 10:1-5; James 5:14)

For more information on Elders, see this abridgement of Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch.

Brett Adams and his wife, Noel, were married in 1988 and are the parents of eleven children ranging from toddler to young married. They have one grandchild. They are passionate about family discipleship. The Adamses are a founding family of White Stone Family Bible Church. Brett is a bi-vocational teaching elder who works in the field of real estate. Brett is responsible for providing worship leadership and oversight for our flock. Brett enjoys blues guitar, Pro Football, golf, and creating the perfect BBQ. Brett has been influenced by Douglas Wilson, J. C. Ryle, Ligon Duncan, John MacArthur, and many others.

Craig Horton and his wife, Susan, were married in 1991 and are the parents of four children, from high school to college.  Craig and Susan homeschool their children and are a founding family of White Stone Family Bible Church. Craig is a bi-vocational teaching elder who works in the high-tech industry. Craig is responsible for providing preaching leadership and oversight for our flock. Craig enjoys college football, reading, and Christian music. Craig has been influenced by John Piper, Wayne Grudem, Charles Spurgeon, Voddie Baucham, the Together for the Gospel guys and many others. Craig's overriding desire is for every church member to be so influenced by the living and active word of God that lives are changed for God's glory.



The Deacons help meet the physical needs of the church as ministers of mercy.  Alexander Strauch states it well:  “Through the deacons, the local church's charitable activities are effectively organized and centralized.  The deacons are collectors of funds, distributors of relief, and agents of mercy. They help the poor, the jobless, the sick, the widowed, the elderly, the homeless, the shut-in, the refugees, and the disabled. They counsel and guide people. They visit people in their homes. They relieve suffering. They comfort, protect, and encourage people, and help to meet their needs.”  (The New Testament Deacon, p. 156)


Dale Amason and his wife, Sandra, were married in 1993 and are the parents of three children, ranging from preteen to college.  Dale and Sandra have been homeschooling since 2003.  Dale serves in the worship team and is a leader within our Trail Life USA troop.



Jeff Blair and his wife, Melissa, were married in 1999 and are the parents of seven children – toddler thru teen.  Jeff was a member of the Corps of Cadets and has his BBA from Texas A&M University.  He now works in the High-tech semiconductor industry for Samsung Electronics.  He and his family enjoy camping (camper, tent, and survivor style), hunting, and fishing.  Our family’s desire is to love God and love one another.