Our Worship


Worship attendance is usually 18-20 households, or around 100 people with lots of children. We have households in size from one to twelve. Dress trends toward business-casual though some wear jeans. The women wear both skirts and pants. People are friendly and are genuinely glad to see you and one another.

Nursery and Children's Church

Because we believe children benefit by worshiping God together with their families, and the Holy Spirit is not limited by age, we do not offer nursery or children's church. To read more about this position and get practical suggestions to help your children worship, please see our document on age-integrated worship. We realize not every child is ready for our type of worship service so we provide a partitioned room which features the sounds of the service piped-in. This allows parents to train their children in a stress-free but worshipful environment.

Before the Service

The worship service usually begins at 11:00am. If you arrive early, you can visit with us while we set up the chairs and audio/visual systems.

Worship Service

A typical service includes a sung call to worship, announcements, 20 or so minutes of singing, prayer, worship through giving, and a sermon. In addition, one Sunday a month we observe the Lord's Supper or Communion. Check the Calendar to see when the next Communion service occurs.


The music we sing at WSFBC is a blend of old and new, traditional and contemporary. We use guitar and piano for instrumentation. We love to sing so we usually have 7 or 8 songs each Sunday. We love the doctrinally-rich hymns of the past as well as modern hymns and choruses of today. All singing is congregational.


The message is generally 40-45 minutes long. The preaching is expository which means we take a small portion of Scripture, see what it meant to the original audience and apply principles to us today. We generally do not think of what we want to say and then find Scripture to support it. Instead, we systematically go through the Scripture and see what God has to say to us. We do topical messages from time-to-time, but expository is our preferred style. We do not offer walk-the-aisle invitations, but we close the service with a musical time of reflection after the sermon. For the younger ones who listen better while their hands are busy, we provide Follow-Along pages to help them learn to take notes. Check our most recent sermons to see what we are teaching.


On these Sundays, we usually have a time of testimony where members can share what God is doing in their lives, set in new members as needed, and have a shorter sermon followed by the observance of the Lord's Supper. We do not pass the elements (GF crackers and grape juice) down each row. Instead, we have the heads of households come up to the front first to receive the elements from the elders. This is our way of emphasizing the important role of these men or women, and their accountability, as the spiritual leader of their homes. To us, a head of household can be any adult: a single mom, a college student, a father, a grandparent, etc. Once the heads of households are served, they bring their families up to the front to gather around the Lord's Table and serve them or they take the elements back to their families. Those whose head of household is away that day appoints someone else in their household to lead, joins with another household, or are served by the elders. It is a very beautiful and moving service and is usually followed by a fellowship meal together.

After the Service

A typical service is over by 12:45pm. After the service, most folks stay and visit with one another. It is not unusual to find people still visiting many minutes after the service is over. Some of the children go outside and play football while some explore the garden paths with their parents. You can also pray or talk with the Elders after the service if you would like to. We would love to meet you!