Our Beliefs

As an ever reforming church, White Stone Family Bible Church exists to fulfill the five purposes of the church:

  1. Worship -- To glorify God (Matt 22:37)
  2. Fellowship -- To walk with God and His people (Eph 2:19)
  3. Ministry -- To serve and support one another in love (Matt 22:39; Gal 6:2)
  4. Evangelism -- To share the good news with unbelievers (Matt 28:19)
  5. Discipleship -- To disciple believers to maturity (Matt 28:20) 

We are . . . 

  • Calvinistic in our theology. We are evangelical and hold to the Five Solas of the Reformation. We believe the Bible teaches both God's sovereignty and man's responsibility in salvation. We delight in God's grace without which none of us would have hope.
  • Thoughtful in our worship. We believe worship is most pleasing to God which engages both the mind and spirit. Even though we know unbelievers will be present in the meeting of the church, we structure our worship services to exalt God while encouraging and equipping believers.
  • Libertarian in our orthopraxy. We practice Romans 14:2-5 diversity and allow every person to have their own convictions for how to best live out their faith. However, we are uncompromising on the essentials of the faith once delivered to the saints. In other words, "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity."
  • Expository in our preaching. We teach verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, through the entire Bible. We believe this is the most effective way of mining the riches of God's Word while guarding against repetition.
  • Governed by a Plurality of Elders. We believe the church is best governed and is most protected with multiple Elders in place. We are congregational in the sense that we are non-denominational, however, decisions are made by the Elders, with accountability provided by the members of the church.
  • Family-Integrated. We are a family-integrated church teaching that heads of households have the primary responsibility to disciple the members of their household, not "the clergy." The Elders disciple heads of households that they in turn will disciple those under their care.
  • Continuationists. We believe the spiritual gifts are still active in the body life of the church and seek to practice especially the greatest gift -- love.
  • Non-emergent. We support a generous orthopraxy but avoid a generous orthodoxy which can lead to heresy. We contextualize the gospel but are careful not to change it. We see no need to be more worldly or vague in our teaching in an attempt to be "seeker-friendly."
  • Complementarian, not Egalitarian. We honor God's design in that men and women are equal but do not always have equal roles and responsibilities.

Although we have not officially adopted a specific confession or creed, we adhere to the general system of teaching and the interpretation of Scripture reflected in the following historic creeds and confessions:

  • The Apostles Creed
  • The Nicene Creed
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647)
  • The London Baptist Confession (1689)

If you are evangelical, doctrinally conservative, and consider the Bible your standard for life and practice, you should feel right at home at White Stone Family Bible Church.