Our Name

We are often asked about our church's name. People think we are named for Revelation 2:17 which says: "To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it." Here's the truth about our name.

White Stone

Although the white stone in Revelation 2:17 refers to a blessing or reward, White Stone actually refers to the church's geographical center. According to the Texas State Historical Assocation, White Stone, Texas is on Spanish Oak Creek at the intersection of State Highway 183 and Farm Road 1431, in southwest Williamson County. That is, where most people consider today the middle of Cedar Park, Texas. White Stone was a small farming and ranching community in the early twentieth century and was named for the white stone quarries in the area. No, we are not named for Revelation 2:17 although we think it's kind of a cool verse. 


There are many metaphors in the Bible referring to the church, like body, flock, or house. The one which really reasonates with us is family -- we are the family of God. Also, as a family-integrated church, we know that the visible church is organized as a family of households, where a household could be led by a single person, a single parent, two parents, grandparents, etc. An earthly household is not a church but a church is made up of earthly households. We do not worship families, nor we do not consider families central. We worship God our Father and He is central in our hearts and minds.


In general, Bible churches are not really part of a denomination, although many are affiliated with IFCA International. We are not affiliated with any denomination. We have "Bible" in our name to express our reliance on and adherance to it as our standard for life, practice, and teaching.


In a day when many churches give themselves creative names intentionally leaving out the word, we are pleased to include the word "Church" in our name. According to the Reformers, the definition of a church was a covenant community where the entire Word of God was taught and the sacraments, or ordinances, were rightly observed. These are our regular practices as a church.