Every year since our founding, White Stone Family Bible Church has given away at least 10% of its receipts to support the spread of the gospel from central Texas to the uttermost parts of the earth. The church monthly supports the ministries of Desiring God to assist them in providing Bible-based resources for the global church. We also support the work of The Gospel Coalition in their mission to relieve global theological famine. The church has also worked to relieve suffering through local and international organizations like Samaritan's Purse and held Bible drives for persecuted Christians through Open Doors International. In addition, WSFBC helps support two full-time vocational missionary families.

Greg & Jean Davis


Greg grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas, and Jean in Tonawanda, New York. After college, they both became staff members of Campus Crusade for Christ and went to West Africa to serve as vocational missionaries. They met overseas, and were married in 1984. Greg and Jean served overseas for twenty five years, in Africa and the Middle East. The majority of their time overseas was devoted to training the national staff.

In 2006 they returned to the US and now serve with Bridges International. Bridges International is a service organization and outreach to international students at American colleges and universities. Greg works in leadership development in the Bridges national office, with emphasis on preparing international students to be Christian leaders in their home countries. Greg and Jean join in the local Bridges ministry at the University of Texas as time allows. Their goal is to help win, build and send world changers for the kingdom of God so that every nation and tribe and tongue and people will have a chance to hear the Good News. Greg and Jean have five children.


Mike & michelle Griffis

After planting churches among the least-reached people groups in South America for six years and Papua New Guinea for six years, Mike and Michelle are now working through SERVE International to equip local church pastors around the world. They are providing leadership, teaching, and consulting to serve and support missionary teams in the field. The goal is to help equip pastors and believers in their own local church context to create self-supporting, ongoing biblical training organized by local church leadership. You can keep up with Mike and Michelle and their four children at their web site.