The Family of God

What does a healthy church look like? In the Fall of 2013, the Elders preached a series of messages entitled "The Family of God." In this series, we examine key principles of healthy churches. Along the way we discuss the biblical rationale for each section of our church membership covenant:


Living in a Healthy Church

Those looking for a new church home should consider the 8 principles of a healthy church presented in this message. In this message from Acts 20, we also give the rationale for why WSFBC is organized as a family-integrated church and why we think this is the best model for us to fulfill the Great Commission. 


Living Life Together

This message from Colossians 3 informs church members how they should live life together in the Body of Christ, in unity, in love, extending grace to one another, helping one another put sin to death, and worshiping God corporately. 


Living Where God Is Central

This message from Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6 covers our responsibilities and privileges as disciples of God and disciplers of the next generation. In this message we see the responsibilities of Christian parents to children and children to parents and how children of all ages can honor their parents. 


Living Carefully 

 In this message from 1 Peter 2, we see how believers are live as stars bringing light to a dark world.  


Living Under Authority